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SAVE DOLLARS....Most bottled waters are no better than tap water (as seen on Today Tonight February 2012 We know Nabropure IS good pure clean water..


You don't need to pay 'twice the amount of petrol' for your good drinking water.

$4.00 buys you 15 litres - that's only .26 cents per litre!!!!!


NABROPURE® Pure Clean Drinking Water is better than springwater and safer than just filtered water at a fraction of the cost. Know what you are drinking with our purification system.


NABROPURE® takes the source and purifies it to a safe, clean drinking water, removing ALL contaminants.  Remember, your body extracts necessary minerals from most foods.  Water is needed to re-hydrate the body and flush it free from toxins.


pH Paranoia: Understanding ALKALINE water claims - MORE INFO

 CONTAINS NO FLUORIDE.  Some information on fluoride.  follow this link.



If you feel you need added minerals to help re-hydrate, one of the best ways is to use  hand harvested Celtic Sea Salts, available from our store in lots of 100gr bags. A pinch in a litre or approximately 10gr in a 15 litre container. This way you know what you are drinking!!


No matter how much you pay or what FANCY label it has - ALL WATER comes from the same source: Our Planet.


Tank water is good for washing, but don't put it inside your body.


If you are going to drink water, make sure it is PURE.  Add a squeeze of lemon to your glass to help alkaline your body.


REMEMBER:  Clean water is needed for flushing, pure water collects the contaminants the cells in your body expel and flushes the toxins away.




Remember!!Sometimes the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger


Water And Your Pets

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 There is nothing magic about water -

the magic is when your body has enough.