Does Nabropure Water take out all the minerals?

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Our 1800, we get phone calls every week, in regards if there are minerals still left in the water and i am here to answer this question in full. Online customers do all sorts of research of RO water, and they all say the one thing,

does this RO filtration  take out all the minerals out of the water? and i will anwser that here.

In one of blogs we talk about our 7 stage filtration , so if you haven;t seen that blog, you can go back to that and check out each of 7 stages. In our semi commercial setup which is equipped in every single vending machine. In our semi commercial setup, we have needle valves which is able to control the pressure in the membrane.

What is  RO memebrane, this filters has muitple of layers wrapped with a centre tube in the middle of this memebrane. The layers are approx 250 layers, as the water passes through the first 4 stages, it then goes into the RO membrane, which then goes into splitting form, one feed goes to waste and the other feed directly travels to the centre feed, which is called a permeate feed, ( Pure water) This water flow can be controlled by a set of needle valves. In  a domestic setup, there are no custom valves for you to control the flow of water or control the water pressure in the membrane vessell.

It is true that RO membrane can make dimineralised water, but again it goes back to the setup and what is connected in pre-filters stage before the RO. A water softner is absolutely neccessary to make dimineralised water. But we dont use this filter in our setup.  So in our setttings , we use 50/50 ratio with pressure setting in the membrane, to allow the softer mineral to pass the membrane into internal tank.

The ratios differ for all types of water, for drinking, we keep to 50/50 pressure setting. To save the RO membrane from blocking up, a flush valve is also installed to keep the membrane unblocked at all times.


Just to be super simple, our vending machine are not there to provide pure water, which is demieralised water. We prefer good levels of clean drinking water, using our 7 stage filtration system and you can be rest assured that there are still minerals  left in the water.





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