Nabropure Water Compare to Bottled Water

Alot of our customers ring us and ask " what is the difference between bottled water and Nabropure Water"

So we put our water to the test against the bottled water via a TDS water tester and here are the results


Yaru Still Spring Water 148 ppm

Arcoona Sport Body Quencher 71 ppm

Mt Franklin 79 ppm

Evian Water 258 ppm

Fiji Water 121 ppm

Cool Ridge Water 33 ppm

Pumps Pure Water 150 ppm

Coles Australian Spring Water 74 ppm

Voss Glass Water 26 ppm

Nabropure Water Station- varies from station to station but majority come in fromn 6 ppm to 18 ppm


So you can see that difference in our water, one major factor is that we are much much more cheaper than rest.






Hello, I would like to say have much my son and I enjoy your pure water. I am a hobby aquariast and have recently set up a new tank. Being conscious of water chemistry, in particular PH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate, I did some tests of my own. I tested rain, tap, bottled mineral water and Napropure. The PH did not vary much between then and was around 7.6, all free of Nitrites but surprisingly the rain, tap and mineral water all contained Ammonia of at least 0.25ppm. Ammonia being the No. 1 cause of fish deaths in aquariums the aim is to have absolutely NO Ammonia in a tank. The NAPROPURE was the only water that DID NOT CONTAIN ANY AMMONIA. I am so glad to have found pure, safe water for my fish and I can add any mineral/salt requirements accordingly to the species of fish I choose. Many thanks for your handy refill stations and beautiful clean, pure water. Regards, Sharon.

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