This Page is dedicated to customers emails and responses from Nabropure Water


1. Does Reverse Osmosis Purification Strip the Water of Nutrients

Answer: No absolutely not! RO water is a proven system of purification that removes bacteria, cysts, dirt, silt, heavy salts, just to name a few to provide clean fresh pure water. In Amercia , there are thousands of

RO water vending machines providing consumers with safe drinking water.


2. How do i clean my 15 litre bottle as algae seems to growing on the edges

Answer: Use warm water with lemon wedges and uncooked rice and swish around and leave over night. The citric acid will break the the algae present in the bottle


3. How often does Nabropure Water Change their fitlers

Answer: Each service visit, our technicians know how many litres our filters can handle. Pre Filters which consist of 4 stages are replaced every 12,000 litres. If these pre filters are not replaced in time, the filters give up filtering sediment and chlorine which dimishes the RO Membrane which does 70 percent of the work. Which provides the pure water. We also have a Uv light which only last 6000 hours which is also replaced.

FInal Polising can last up 50,000 litres which cleanes the final product before vending into your bottle


4. What is the difference between ICE & water Vending to Nabropure Water. We promote Reverse Osmosis Technology and it is proven to be the best water for consumption. What Ice/Water vending purfiication does, we are not sure what their setup is. We promote our 7 stage water purificafion


5. Can RO water remove FLUROIDE- Yes and NO. Our RO purfication removes Fluroide up to 98 percent. We have tested our water and the levels were very low